Major Business of KFTL
Air Filter Test 사진
Air Filter Test
HEPA/ULPA Filter, Gas-mask Canister, Filter Media, Aspiration
Air Treatment System Test 사진
Air Treatment System Test
HVAC, ACU, AHU, Portable ACU, Negative Machine, HEPA Cleaner
RMS (Radial Monitoring System) 사진
(Radiation Monitoring System)
Qualification for Sampling Location, Nozzle and Transport Tube Line
Air Clearness & Room Pressure 사진
Air Clearness & Room Pressure
Classification of air clearness for Clean Room & Clean Bench, Measuring Pressure Difference between Room
Room Habitability Test & Airtightness 사진
Room Habitability Test & Airtightness
Control Room, CBR Room, Shelter, Special Airtight Room, Blower Door Test
Activated Carbon&Ion Exchange resin 사진
Activated Carbon & Ion Exchange resin
Test for Physical and Chemical Properties
Asbestos Material Survey & analysis 사진
Asbestos Material Survey & analysis
Analysis and Sampling of Air or Material
Others 사진
Education and Training, Consulting& Engineering, Calibration Service for Leak Test Equipment
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