Company overview
Air Clean Ability, Do you hope confident qualification? Achievable!  Korea Government certified  KFTL
ilacmara,kolas 로고
Korea Filter Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd. (KFTL) is a unique laboratory in Korea that possesses public certification
approved by Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS), the government official organization.
The certification covers the testing and qualification of air and gas filters, air cleaning units and HVACs.

KFTL professionals have unique experience and expertise in the performance, design, construction, acceptance testing,
and quality assurance for HEPA filter, Charcoal Adsorbent/Filter, HVAC system, RMS(Radiation Monitoring System)
and CRH(Control Room Habitability)

Our experiences have been providing not only useful technical information to technical engineer working in nuclear
power plants or related company, but also training them the testing method for in-place leakage and air cleaning technology.
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